Super Mario Maker Bookmark API (SMMB API) is a python scraper that makes it possible to do API like requests to the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website.

I've used BeautifulSoup in a few other projects I did, so the choice for that was quite easy. When I was finished writing the initial program, I wanted to create a web based API for everyone to use. I started looking in creating a web API for Python and quickly found Flask. I tried it out and it was super easy to port my python script to Flask! The hardest part was to set the API up on OpenShift (RedHat's free application hosting). I managed to do it, and it is now available for everyone! It's completely OpenSource, so you can host you own API, or use it directly via Python.


Check out on how it works. I try to keep it as up to date as possible. If there's anything wrong, please let me know!